The 3intors program, standing for Innovator, Investor, Incubator, is an ambitious initiative designed to foster the growth of new digital technology projects, aiming to catalyze the development, funding, and commercialization of groundbreaking digital technologies. By connecting innovators with investors and providing incubation support, the program seeks to accelerate the path from idea to market, drive the digital economy forward, and achieve significant milestones including patent registration, technology transfer, and the creation of industrial leaders and unicorns.



The 3intors program represents a comprehensive approach to fostering digital innovation, attracting investment, and accelerating the growth of the digital economy. By bridging the gap between innovators, investors, and incubators, the program aims to create a thriving ecosystem of digital technology projects that can contribute to economic growth, sustainable development, and the achievement of the United Nations SDGs. Through targeted support, collaboration, and a focus on commercialization and market entry, 3intors seeks to catalyze the creation of next-generation digital solutions and industry leaders, driving forward the global digital economy.


Promote Digital Technology Projects: Register, select, and support the development of innovative digital technology projects with the potential to impact the digital economy significantly.

Attract Investment: Facilitate seed, angel, and early-round funding for promising digital technology ventures.

Facilitate Technology Transfer and Commercialization: Support the transformation of digital innovations into commercially viable products and services.

Develop Industrial Leaders and Unicorns: Nurture startups with the potential to become market leaders or reach unicorn status, thereby expanding the digital economy.


Funding and Investment Rounds: Organize pitching events and connect selected projects with a network of investors for seed, angel, and early-stage investments.

Incubation Support: Provide comprehensive incubation services including mentorship, workspace, and access to technological resources.

Technology Transfer Programs: Facilitate partnerships between innovators and established companies or research institutions to promote the adoption and integration of new technologies into existing markets.

Commercialization Support: Assist projects in developing viable business models, market entry strategies, and scaling operations to turn innovations into successful businesses.

Open Source Index: Identify and endorse open-source projects that demonstrate potential for significant impact on the digital economy and society. These projects will adhere to high standards of quality, innovation, and community engagement. WDTA increases the visibility of endorsed open-source projects, connecting them with potential users, contributors, and sponsors.

Link to the SDGs:

The 3intors program is strategically aligned with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It actively contributes to SDG 8 by nurturing the expansion of digital enterprises and fostering the generation of premium employment opportunities within the technology sector. Moreover, it advances SDG 9 by advocating for innovative digital technologies and bolstering digital infrastructure, thus promoting sustainable industrialization. Additionally, the program supports SDG 17 by encouraging collaborative efforts among governments, private entities, academia, and international organizations to drive digital innovation and entrepreneurship forward.

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