The Digital World Conference (DWC), jointly organized by the World Digital Technology Academy and its partners, is an international flagship event aimed at focusing on the forefront of digital technology and exploring its future trajectory. As a leading force guiding the future of the digital world, DWC brings together top global digital technology experts, industry leaders, and innovators to collectively release advanced global digital rules and standards, share best practices worldwide, and recognize inspiring achievements and outstanding contributions in the digital domain. DWC serves as a platform for exchange and collaboration within the global digital technology industry, fostering innovation and application of digital technology, and driving the development of the digital economy and the advancement of digital society worldwide.



In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, there is a pressing need for a professional international conference platform to delve into the forefront trends and future directions of digital technology. Taking inspiration from the renowned Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Digital World Conference (DWC) is emerging as a leader in the digital realm.

Jointly organized by the World Digital Technology Academy and its partners, the DWC brings together top global digital technology experts, industry leaders, and innovators to collectively shape the future of the digital world. With continuous innovations in fields such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and cloud computing, digital technology is profoundly impacting various industries and lifestyles. From smartphones to smart cities, from virtual reality to digital healthcare, digital technology is becoming a key driver of societal progress and economic development.

The Digital World Conference (DWC) stands as a pivotal initiative in support of the United Nations Global Digital Compact. It serves as a platform to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, driving forward the principles of the Global Digital Compact through actionable strategies and initiatives. Through this alignment, DWC aims to harness technological advancements to ensure they contribute effectively to the principles and objectives of the Global Digital Compact, fostering responsible digital transformation and sustainable development on a global scale.


This DigiBridge project aims to:

DWC, as a global summit in the field of digital technology, serves not only as a crucial platform for technical exchange but also as a catalyst for international cooperation, global technological innovation, and societal advancement. It is a neutral international stage for:

Inter-Governmental Technological Governance: DWC serves as a pivotal platform for governments worldwide to collaboratively discuss and formulate international standards and policies within the digital technology domain. Through inter-governmental dialogue and cooperation, DWC facilitates the establishment and enhancement of a global governance framework for digital technology, fostering cross-border digital exchanges and collaboration.

Cutting-Edge Technological Advancements: DWC gathers top experts and thought leaders from around the globe to collectively share and explore the latest developments and frontiers in digital technology. Attendees gain access to the most recent trends and innovative achievements in technology, thereby propelling technological innovation and application within their respective nations or organizations.

International Scientific Collaboration: As an international hub for scientific exchange, DWC provides a platform for collaboration and resource-sharing among scientific institutions, businesses, and research organizations across different countries and regions. By sharing experiences and discussing collaborative projects, DWC strengthens international scientific cooperation, driving global scientific innovation and economic development.

Technology Serving Society: DWC places significant emphasis on the role of digital technology in addressing global societal challenges. Discussions revolve around the application of digital technology in fields such as education, healthcare, and environmental protection, as well as strategies for leveraging technology to promote social progress and sustainable development. Participants collectively explore ways to harness digital technology to serve society better, fostering social equity and sustainable development.


The activities of the Digital World Conference (DWC) include:

Annual Large-scale Conference: DWC organizes an annual large-scale summit where global experts, industry leaders, and innovators gather to discuss the forefront trends and future directions of digital technology.

Summits in Various Cities Worldwide: In addition to the annual summit, DWC hosts summits in key cities worldwide, providing opportunities for local digital technology professionals to engage and learn.

Annual Index Reports and Honorary Awards: DWC releases annual index reports on digital technology trends and key metrics, alongside organizing honorary awards ceremonies to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions within the industry.

Release of Latest Digital Technology Standards: As a leading authority in the global digital technology landscape, DWC releases the latest digital technology standards, driving standardization and regulation within the industry to ensure its credibility and advancement.

Link to the SDGs:

DWC aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting digital literacy and education (SDG 4), fostering innovation and infrastructure development (SDG 9), supporting economic growth and job creation (SDG 8), and facilitating partnerships for global development (SDG 17). Through its platform, DWC contributes to advancing sustainable development by promoting the use of digital technology for societal progress and inclusive growth.

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